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Aug 11, 2023

Today I'm talking with Sean Smith, one of freeCodeCamp's earliest graduates. Sean's also a prolific open source contributor, having helped develop freeCodeCamp's original React curriculum.

Sean grew up in Tenessee and was an avid outdoorsman and rock climber. He went to college hoping to become a doctor. He even interned at the National Institutes of Health and published in the Journal of Virology.

But one day he decided to leave the field – with no clear plans for the future – Leaving his friends and family puzzled.

For two years, Sean worked at climbing gyms across Tenessee as a route setter, climbing the walls and installing climbing holds. And one day he decided he needed to learn to code.

I caught up with Sean in downtown San Francisco, in a café that both he and I had coincidentally worked out of early in our developer careers.

I learned a lot about Sean's journey into tech that took him from working in San Francisco to Singapore to Taipei.

And spoiler alert: during the podcast we talk about Sean's job search. I'm happy to report that since I interviewed him last month, he's landed a developer job at a company focused on AI and e-commerce.

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Sean Smith on LinkedIn: