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Oct 1, 2018

Quincy Larson interviews Lyle Troxell, who's a senior software engineer at Netflix.

Lyle has hosted his own technology radio show for the past 18 years, and now he hosts the official Netflix podcast, too.

Lyle's parents were artists and a part of the 1960s hippy movement. Lyle didn't enjoy school, and in middle school he dropped out so he could focus on learning math and electronics. He eventually went to community college, got a 2-year degree, and did some basic web design work at a few companies during the dot com boom of the late 1990s.

Lyle spent the next 11 years as a teacher and administrator at University of California in Santa Cruz. Eventually he decided he wanted get into software development. He was able to dust off his skills and through a remarkable series of events get a software engineer job at Netflix.

Lyle and Quincy have known one another for years and had a lot to talk about, including the story behind how he built Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's personal website.

Interview by Quincy Larson:

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