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Mar 25, 2019

On today's episode of the podcast, Abbey chats with Jennifer Bland, a Google Developer Expert, software engineer, prolific speaker, entrepreneur, and world traveler. You'll learn how Jennifer got into tech (twice!), what she's working on now, and how she helps many different communities of developers learn and grow.

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A bit more about Jennifer:

Jennifer Bland is a senior software engineer out of Atlanta, Georgia. Jennifer has a fascinating background - she started in tech at an early age after studying computer science in school, but then left the field, worked elsewhere, and retired at the age of 51.

Once she had some time to explore other interests, she rediscovered programming - through a JavaScript book on the clearance table at a local bookstore.

A number of years later, she's now working on some very exciting tech at Stanley, Black and Decker, she's an extremely active volunteer in her local tech community, she's on the leadership team for Women who Code Atlanta chapter, she speaks at numerous conferences, and she's recently become a Google Developer expert!

So in this episode, you'll hear about how she got to where she is, what she's passionate about, and her advice for getting into tech, conquering those pesky whiteboard interviews, how to network if you're an introvert (like she is) and much more...