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Apr 15, 2019

On this week's episode of the freeCodeCamp podcast, Quincy interviews Shawn Wang (@swyx). We talk about "learning in public" and his transition into tech from finance, where he left behind a job that paid him US $350,000 per year.

Shawn grew up in Singapore and came to the US as a college student.

He worked in finance, but at age 30, he burned out. So he decided to learn to code. He used freeCodeCamp and a ton of other resources, and since then he's worked as a freelance developer, and at several companies including Netlify.

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Here are some links we discuss in the interview.

Shawn's Projects:

The official React subreddit that Shawn moderates:

Shawn's article on No Zero Days:

Job Search / Salary Negotation articles:

Cracking the Coding Interview:

Hasseeb Qureshi's story of getting a $250K/y developer job at Airbnb:

Steve Yegge's "Get that job at Google" essay:

Patrick McKenzie on Salary Negotiation

Quincy's recommended article: I spent 3 months applying to jobs after a coding bootcamp. Here's what I learned:

Algorithm Expert:

Full Stack Academy

Shawn's Learn In Public movement:

Shawn's Learn In Public essay‌‌

Kent C Dodds' Zero to 60 in Software Development: How to Jumpstart Your Career‌‌

Cory House on Becoming an Outlier:‌‌

Brad Frost on Creative Exhaust:‌‌

Patrick McKenzie on the origin of the word "friendcatcher":‌‌

Chris Coyier on "Working In Public":

Links to other things we discuss:

Shawn's Software Engineering Daily Interview with Sacha Greif:‌‌

The origin of No Zero Days:‌‌

John Resig, creator of jQuery, telling his team to rip out jQuery:

‌‌Jeff Bezos' Two Pizza Team rule:‌‌

Shawn's "You can learn so much on the internet for the low, low price of your ego" quote draws from Paul Graham's Keep Your Identity Small:‌‌

Shawn's Impostor Syndrome Bootcamp Podcast:‌‌

TypeScript's growth via npm surveys: