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Nov 27, 2017

Quincy explores Felix Feng's journey from bootcamp grad to professional developer, and how he went from getting $60,000 job offers to $125,000 job offers through sheer practice and persistence.

Article by Felix Feng:

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Nov 20, 2017

Canadian software engineer Bill Sourour recounts a tragic experience early in his developer career when writing code for a pharmaceutical company. He explores developer ethics, the responsibilities developers have, and the challenges they face in sticking to their values.
Written by and read by Bill Sourour:

Nov 17, 2017

Quincy reads his popular article on how to choose your first programming language when you learn to code.

He discusses Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and C++ in terms of:

- the job market for the language
- the long term prospects for the language
- how easy the language is to learn
- what projects you can build while...

Nov 17, 2017

Beau talks about his year of incredible productivity, during which he a degree and certifications, and taught himself to code - balancing his studies against an active family life.

Beau's original article:

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Nov 17, 2017

Cecily Carver, a developer at Google, recounts her coding journey and the many lessons she learned along the way. Read by Ava.

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