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Mar 4, 2019

Zubin Pratap is a corporate lawyer who taught himself to code using and other learning resources.

Zubin develops software in Melbourne, Australia. He's a lover of hackathons and competed in freeCodeCamp's first hackathon at GitHub headquarters last November.

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The following is a note from Zubin himself about a course he just launched. Note that does not receive any benefit from this, and has not reviewed his course - we just want to help him publicize it.


Zubin was a non-technical person for a long time, and set a goal to become his own tech cofounder. But he quit from discouragement twice.  It was much harder than it should've been, and Zubin put together a course on all the things he wish he'd known and all the techniques that made him not quit the third time. In 3 hours you can learn the roadmap that could save you months, thousands of dollars, and a lot of stress.

For podcast listeners, Zubin has a special promotion. The first 20 people to buy the course on Udemy before the end of March can get it for free using the Promo Code: FCC_FREE_PROMO
Course link:
If you're not among the first 20, the next 50 can get it before April 30 at the discounted rate of US$10, using the Promo Code: FCC_PROMO_50
If you're a later listener, get in touch at the webform on, and mention FCC in the message to get a discount code.